Some of Our Supporters

Frederic Schwartz Architects, NYC

When the Town of Huntington saved the home in 2005 it had already been vacant for three years and nature and the elements had taken their toll.  A project of this magnitude and importance requires proper architectural and historic documentation.  We simply could not go in and “gut” the house to clean it up.  This presented a big problem for our non-profit organization.  We simply were not financially able to hire the experts necessary to do all of the architectural work that was required before work could begin.

In June of 2011, the home was designated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as one of the 11 Most Endangered Historic Sites in the United States.  We received national press attention.  The day after the designation made the news, I received a phone call from world renowned architect, Frederic Schwartz of New York City.  He introduced himself to me and I told him the story about how we saved the home from demolition, but were stuck because of the huge task of generating the HSR – “Historic Structures Report”.  We needed the HSR to support future grant applications and most importantly, to document the current state of the home, defining what needs to be done to restore it accurately to the period of time when Coltrane family lived there.

During that first phone call, Fred told me….  “My firm is on board”, and we began to work together to generate the Historic Structures Report and Master Plan.  One year later, we have the home fully document in CAD, with full architectural drawings.  We are working with conservators, structural and mechanical engineers to document every facet of the home.  Fred Schwartz is working with us to provide all of the architectural services that we need.

Fred Schwartz and the staff at his firm have truly exemplified John Coltrane’s ideal of being “A Force for Good”.


Frederic Schwartz Architects, New York, NY

Frederic Schwartz Architects, New York, NY

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