Yushiro Fujioka, Coltrane collector and scholar

Hi Steve

Glad to hear from you with an article in the NY Times . Also I have to say thank you so much for your effort to preserve the home of Coltrane in Dix Hills. I am sorry for not attending the meeting but hopefully visit there in April.

All I can do for this at now is to keep in touch with you and make some contributions along with Michael Cogswell and Lewis Porter.

They will give me and you some advices and especially I would do a lot on this project – making donation from my Coltrane collection in my vault or something as far as I can do.

At least one time I went to visit there – and my friend Hozumi Nakadaira once visited (1971) and took home movie of the house along with Alice, Michelle, John Jr., Ravi and Oran in a garden. Also another photographer – probably in my memory Mr. Miyasita – took beautiful photos of a studio in the house.

Thank you very much again for your contribution on Coltrane residence and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes always

Yasuhiro Fujioka,
Coltrane House of Osaka
Osaka Japan

One comment on “Yushiro Fujioka, Coltrane collector and scholar

  1. Mr Fujioka,
    This message to invite You to listen to some tunes of my group on “Youtube,Gilles Torrent” (Naïma, Red Planet, Dolphy’s Waltz); I spent much of my life digging Coltrane’s music. I would be particularly interested by getting a comment from You.
    Much Thanks.
    Gilles Torrent (Geneva, Switzerland).

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