National Trust for Historic Preservation


for Historic Preservation

February 26, 2004

Supervisor Frank P. Petrone
Huntington Town Hall
100 Main Street
Huntington, New York 11743

Dear Mr. Petrone,

The National Trust for Historic Preservation has become aware of the proposed designation of the John Coltrane House at Huntington, Long Island, as a local landmark, and we are writing to express strong support for this nomination.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, chartered by Congress in 1949, is a private, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to protecting tbe irreplaceable. Recipient of the National Humanities Medal, the National Trust provides leadership, education and advocacy to save America’s diverse historic places and revitalize communities. Its Washington, DC headquarters staff, eight regional and field offices and 23 historic sites work with the Trust’s quarter-million members, including over 22,000 in the State of New York, and thousands of local community groups in all 50 states.

The National Trust has a strong interest in having the John Coltrane House designated as a local Town of Huntington Landmark. Although only constructed in 1952, this house embodies a rich history that has maintained widespread influence on music and our understanding of African American heritage. The history here reaches beyond the architectural understanding of the building itself, and into the sense of place and feeling that inspired John Coltrane to create one of his most remarkable works. Coltrane is recognized world-wide as one of the most influential musicians of the past forty years. His warm and spiritual persona reached outside the world of Jazz as he strove to discover and project a universal experience through music. This quest is embodied in his work ‘A Love Supreme’ which he created at his home in Huntington.

If designated, the John Coltrane House would be one of only two recognized African American sites in all of Suffolk County. We understand that designation as a legally protected Town of Huntingion Landmark will help ensure preservation of this incredibly important resource for those worldwide who study and experience John Coltrane’s music.  We therefore encourage your favorable review of this proposed nomination, and the designation of the John Coltrane House at Huntington, Long Island an individual Town of Huntington Landmark.

Thank you for this opportunity to comment.

Very truly yours,

Marilyn M. Fenollosa
Senior Program Officer and Regional Attorney
Northeast Regional Office

Sarah E. Hansen
Program Officer
Mountains/Plains Regional Office

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