David Liebman – Saxophonist

Dear Steve:
Your efforts to save this landmark property are laudable. I have been playing saxophone for forty years and make my living playing and teaching jazz all over the world. My early years were spent playing in the bands of drummer Elvin Jones (who played with Trane) and Miles Davis.

It was hearing the John Coltrane Quartet live in the clubs of New York City as a teenager that directly inspired me to become serious about music and follow the path I have chosen. There is no question in my mind that beyond my parents, Coltrane had the most important and influential affect on my life.It was demeanor, sincerity and honesty along with the other members of the great quartet of the 1960s that set the bar for me concerning the spiritual depth, power and passion which great music is capable of.

I used to always think at the end of a night at Birdland or the Half Note;”Where does Trane go after the gig?” I have a photo given to me by some former students of the grave site in Long Island on my wall. We will spread the word and hope that the home can be landmarked and made into a place for visitors to enjoy and reflect. It only takes one generous person!! Good luck.

David and Caris Liebman

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