Cuthbert Simpkins

The influence of John Coltrane will transcend time and space. Whether or not his home is demolished, Coltrane’s light will shine in perpetuity. It is my hope that our society will also radiate the highest values of humanity and recognize the beauty within John Coltrane, by preserving his home. As a house the property has a time dependent-price. But as a monument to John Coltrane, and the wonders he found and offered to all of us through music, it is priceless and timeless. Thank you for your efforts.


Cuthbert Simpkins MD

Author:  Coltrane: A Biography

One comment on “Cuthbert Simpkins

  1. Highly recommended reading. The brilliance and fear this book raised is brilliantly laid out in Coltrane, by Cuthbert Simkins, MD. Incredible book by a surgeon, writer, jazz audiophile and officialnado.

    Ronald Steele, writer and former president of the African American Writers Guild.

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