Alice Coltrane

Dec 2005, After hearing the news of the purchase of the home by the Town of Huntington

Thank you for tireless efforts in securing the Huntington house for preservation of the legacy of John Coltrane. We all appreciate this very much. I wish that a great and virtuous future will be manifest. Kindly keep us informed as to the current developments, household preparations etc.

Again, thank you, and I pray that this project will be successful.

Very Truly,

Alice Coltrane

Spring 2006

I appreciate all of the work, help, and support that we are receiving from the public. It shows a deep respect and admiration for the music of John Coltrane. Your description of the house in its current condition subsequent to the kind efforts of the people is remarkable. I truly thank them, and were it not for living on the West coast, I would be there to see and assist with the transformation and restoration of the Huntington House. 

Many thanks to your work staff who are kindly giving of their time and energy in this endeavor.

Very truly,

A. Coltrane


Dear Mr. Fulgoni,

Thank you for your email. I appreciate the continued time and effort that you have placed in the structuring of a Coltrane national monument house. You stated to the effect that progress is being made and the work process in going forward.
I offer thanks to you and to the ones that have provided selfless service without cost; also to the numerous volunteers, I say thank you.

… I will do my best to participate … I will be on the east coast in the fall, so we could meet all together at that time.

Peace and blessings,

Alice Coltrane

Mrs Coltrane met with us in November of 2006, where we had a planning a vision seesion for the future of the Coltrane Home. Shortly after meeting with us in November 2006, Mrs. Coltrane passed away suddenly in January of 2007.

She gave us her blessing and support and we will continue to work in her memory to see that the Coltrane home is restored and serves as the educational center she envisioned.

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