Home Photos, 1960’s

Japanese photographer Akiyoshi Miyashita took stunning photos of the Coltrane home for an article written for Jazz Magazine, Swing Journal in the 1960’s. Our good friend Yasuhiro “Fuji” Fujioka remembered the article and contacted Mr. Miyashita to see if he still had the originals. After searching his archives, Mr. Miyashita found the originals and Fuji made arrangements to make them available for us here in our preservation effort
These photos are being shown here for the first time in 35 years and possibly the only time in color. The black-and-white photos are scanned from the Swing Journal article. Mr. Miyasita has generously offered to make these originals and many others available for viewing to help in the preservation effort.
These were shown at the Public Hearing in Huntington Town Hall to show the public what we hope to restore the home back to. Fortunately, the home is almost unchanged from the time when the Coltrane family moved to California in 1973.


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