About The Home

Located in the Town of Huntington, on Long Island, NY, Dix Hills is one of the nicest communities on Long Island. Our community is almost entirely residential, consisting of beautiful homes in a wooded suburban setting.

We are proud to say that the American jazz musician, John Coltrane, lived here on a quiet residential street during the last years of his life. In his home here, he composed his greatest work, “A Love Supreme” as well as all of his last works, considered by many to be his greatest and most stirring.


If this is your first time visiting this site, you will learn about an incredible story of how the former home of John and Alice Coltrane was saved from demolition by the grass roots efforts of people throughout the world and the support of the Town of Huntington in Long Island, New York. Get started learning the story of the home by visiting our page on how it all began.

If you are already familiar with the site … welcome back … here you will find the latest news, stories and information on the restoration of the home.

John asked God to enable him to help others through his music. His life was cut short … but this home can allow his message to continue.

We need your support !!! Please visit the page on how you can help by either by making a monetary donation, or by lending a helping hand.

The Coltrane home in Dix Hills has been saved from demolition. It was purchased by the Town of Huntington and given to the “Friends of the Coltrane Home” a NY State non-profit organization founded specifically to support the home. The organization is headed by Ravi Coltrane and members of the Coltrane family.


11 comments on “About The Home

  1. I lived across the street from this house as a child, I had no clue of jazz music and just today googled some of my childhood homes and learned the identity of my neighbors all those years ago,,,,I had no idea. The Coltrane house predated some of the nearby houses; in 1973 and the houses on the street perpendicular to theirs were brand new…my parents had the house built. I met the kids very briefly and I remember seeing thier mom. I am so tickled to have learned of this!

    • Hi Tammy,
      I lived South of there near Carll’s Path and Old Country rd. I attended Otsego and Candlewood and knew the house and area well. Amazing that all that great music was being created right under our noses. My father was a huge fan, he would be elated to know he was a neighbor. Did the kids attend Otsego or Candlewood?
      Charlie Colucci

  2. I visited Louis Armstrong house from UK to write article about it in Hi Fi News Magazine and would like also to visit the Coltrane house.
    Is it open to visitors and if so when?

  3. Hi,

    Would it be possible to arrange a visit for a few adults to the Coltrane home, preferably with a guided introduction.

    Thank You

    Joseph Behar, Ph.D
    Professor of Sociology,

    Dowling College

    631 921 9422

    • Prof. Behar,
      I was in a few of your evening sociology classes at Dowling in the late 80’s early 90’s. Some of the best classes I’ve ever taken!

      What a surprise seeing you here.


      Elane Corso

  4. Hello,

    I’ll be over in NYC for a week, starting march 31st. Any chance I could visit the house ? We would probably be two to four people.

    I also have some info to share. Met someone here in Belgium who has a home movie he made of Tran’s concert in Belgium in 1965 (Comblain La Tour). Haven’t see it yet but definitely want to get in touch to get a copy.


  5. I attended Otsego Elementary and Candlewood Jr. High (now Candlewood Middle School) in the 60s and 70s. I was just wondering if the Coltrane children attended classes at these schools. I know the house well, our school bus passed it daily and we played in the woods around the home.

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