One comment on “Coltrane Computer

  1. Hi , today,s early mornin fullmoon night , 28.5.2010 i was listening to John Coltrane,s ” Tenor Madness” on Headphones . Caurse Fullmoon keeps me wake up . But then i found good sleep and real “trippi” dreams in a good Mood . This afternoon i found this interresting Webside. A very tasty Place . I was born 1960 , so i had a look at the 60 th Photos . The Jaguar E Car was the right car , i must say . Good to see . His Music made me start to learn Tenorsax. After E-Bass and E-Guitar , Synthezisers, Computerprogramming , my Soul was asking for something special , more “organic” . Thank you John and others for your Inspirations . May Buddha bless you ! Rainer !!!

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