18 comments on “Kids for Coltrane, part 1

  1. We need more innovative teachers like this one in our school districts. Talented, experienced cultured mature women to be role models for new teachers as well as for their students. This is an excellent example of allowing a creative individual who is a teacher spread her wings and advance her students and communities interests in the Arts.

  2. What a wonderful experience these children had. it is so nice to see such a dedicated and such a creative teacher teach her students in very special ways. Kudos to Ms. Passarella!!!! You did a wonderful job!

  3. I love this Mrs.Passarelle. It is really nice and cool. I’m sure you worked real hard to make this show great!!

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  5. dear Ms.passarella the show that we did was the best. i loved the dance moves. I LOVE YOU MS.PASSARELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Janasia!

    The other Kids for Coltrane miss you too! We hope you are enjoying your new school.
    You will always be a Kid for Coltrane!! Even grown ups are Kids for Coltrane. All you have to be is young at heart and believe in following your bliss!! Last week, I met Mrs. Kathleen Coltrane!! She is Ravi Coltrane’s lovely wife. She is proud of the Kids for Coltrane. I went to the 50th anniversary celebration for the music on Giant Steps and Kind of Blue. Mrs. Coltrane was there along with some other fabulous folks. I even met some of the band members who play with Wynton Marsalis. The celebration was at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Do you remember when our class went there and learned more about John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong and so many other great jazz musicians. While at Jazz at Lincoln Center, I spoke to members of the Friends of the Coltrane Home group. They were telling visitors about the Coltrane Home and how it should be turned into a place of learning. I hope that happens soon. Maybe when it does, you can come back to New York and all The Kids for Coltrane can meet at the special garden Mr. Fulgoni planted in your honor. If not, we will be sure to send you pictures. Yoko Ono sent the Kids for Coltrane a letter of support!She encouraged us to “Imagine Peace.” I think John Coltrane would be proud of us! If your mom gives you permission, you can email me and the other kids at illuminata4@aol.com Keep doing that wonderful research you are famous for. I know you will do great things for the world. Love, Ms. Passarella

  7. Janasia I misssssssssssssss you. Peace out! Please write me back. Lets stay in touch. Friends forever!

  8. hi kids for coltrane love all the comments thank u for sending me them im going to the fourth grade!!!! we will always be kids for coltrane for the rest of our lifes my new school name is Willow Creek Elementray I went to New york but i did,t get to visited the school but i,m going back because my mom has a bisiness there in New York i hope u gals and guys are still porfroming SHOUT OUT FOR KIDS FOR COLTRANE!!!!!!!!!!

  9. i reallly miss u guys now im in 4 th grade and so r u guys were growing way to fast i really want to come to new york and i hope i can come out there on day bye

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